Tuesday 16 July 2024

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Born May 21, 1976 in Cosenza, Calabria, Italy.

After classical studies, he went on to graduate in Film Directing and Production at Bologna in 1999 with the short movie "Zone D'ombra" (Blind Spots).

2001 - 2002: Art Director at the regional broadcaster "Teleuropa Network" where he wrote and directed 25 commercial spots. 

2003: directed and shot the short film "Buon Appetito" based on a short story by Roberto Salvidio.

2004: wrote and directed the short film "In viaggio con Roby" (Travelling with Roby).

2005: assistant director of the documentary "Fuori dal sogno" (Out of the dream) by Gerardo Celi.

2006: directed the play "Il Gabbiano Jonathan Livingston" (Jonathan Livingston Seagull).

2007: earned a Masters Degree as assistant director and directed the short film "La Stanza" (The Room), then was assistant director of the short film "Eve – Vigilia" (Eve - Eve) by Luca Palmerini.

2008 - 2010: assistant director for the play "Il Marchese del Grillo" directed and interpreted by Pippo Franco.

2009: directed the short film "U.T.O." that participated in the 48hr Film Festival.

2011: assistant director of the short film "Struzzo!" (Ostrich!) directed by Alessandro de Cristofaro.

2012: co-wrote the short film "Golpe all'alba D.O.C." (Dawn Coup D.O.C) directed by Christian Ventura.

In 2013 he completed his documentary "Ferramonti: il campo sospeso" (Ferramonti: the hidden concentration camp) which was officially presented at the Protomoteca Hall of the Campidoglio in Rome on Capitoline Hill.

Calabretta lives and works in Rome, Italy. He also writes for several newspapers and thematic websites.